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We all encounters problems with our musculoskeletal system at some time or another during our lives. It’s only then that we realise how joints and spine health affect our quality of life.

Knowledge and treatment of problems concerning the musculoskeletal system is what we do. The aim of an orthopaedist is finding the problem, making the correct diagnosis and then customising the therapy for each patient on an individual basis.


During my specialisation in Traumatology and Orthopaedic surgery, I focused on arthroscopic and open knee surgery, open hip surgery and arthroscopy on the shoulder joint. Having performed more than two thousand primary knee and hip prostheses operations, and more than 300 revisions of knee and hip prostheses, I am now considered a specialist in the surgical reconstruction or replacement of these joints, as well as in the implantation of prostheses with modern and minimally-invasive approaches.

When the technology was still in its infancy, I was one of the first orthopaedists in Germany to implant customised knee prostheses made on a 3D printer. After a large number of successful operations, I am now an instructor for these interventions at workshops and during live surgeries. Since February 2018, I have been the only specialist in Spain carrying out this type of knee prosthesis.

We offer proven and innovative treatments in orthopaedics. These include both conservative and surgical (joint preserving and arthroplasty) procedures.

Interview A Tu Salud 2019

Traumatologist and orthopaedic surgeon in Marbella