Keyhole surgery

Endoscopy and arthroscopy

Nowadays, carrying out arthroscopies (also known as keyhole surgery) in the knee, ankle, shoulder joints, etc. is a routine job. They are used both as a diagnostic tool for long-term pain and in complex endoscopies.

Knee arthroscopy has a long tradition. With it, a broken piece of the meniscus can be removed, tears sutured, ligamentoplasties performed, cartilage defects repaired, loose bodies in the joint eliminated, etc.

Microperforations can also be performed in cases of partial osteoarthritis in young people, thus delaying the possible implantation of a prosthesis in the future.

Shoulder arthroscopy is another field of application for endoscopy. It can be used to perform acromioplasties (in the case of subacromial syndrome), repair rotator cuff ruptures, smooth cartilage defects, repair labral lesions, proximal biceps tendon, etc.

In the ankle, cartilage defects can be treated by endoscopy and loose cartilage fragments can be removed, especially in the case of recurrent sprains.

In the hip, both the smoothing of the cartilage in osteoarthritis in the initial stages and the remodelling of the acetabulum in the case of femoroacetabular shock, as well as the reconstruction of lesions in the labrum, can be performed by endoscopy.

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