Surgical orthopaedics and alternatives

Implantation of prosthetic joint replacements

The implantation of prosthetic joint replacements is a key part of surgical orthopaedics.

Surgical orthopaedics is a vital part of combating joint pain in patients. This can be when they start to move after resting for some time or during the night. Likewise, they can also experience cracking and rubbing in the joint.

When conservative treatments are no longer helpful, the implantation of a joint replacement is considered and discussed as an option.

Hip, knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle replacements are nowadays so well developed and considered to have sustainable durability.

Dr. Chatziandreou’s activity is focused on hip and knee replacements in cases of osteoarthritis; modern prostheses with minimally-invasive surgery. However, his work also includes the replacement of existing and painful prostheses.

Prosthetic loosening is often associated with major bone defects which often require bone augmentation with foreign bone grafting.

Surgery is not always the answer, though. With Dr. Chatziandreou, comprehensive advice and consultancy about surgical options is just as important as as the discussion of possible alternative treatments (joint-preserving conversion operations, etc.)

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